Stairway to Earth, The Book

A book dedicated to helping authors write superb manuscripts

If you’ve ever wanted to write a nonfiction book—and write it with control and confidence—Stairway to Earth is the book for you. Veteran book consultant Bill Birchard details his unique 14-step process to writing serious nonfiction. Among the topics covered:

  • How to craft a crisp book message.
  • How to structure an argument into a progression of logical chapters.
  • How to organize a research program and manage a flood of reference documents.
  • How to craft a book proposal that agents and publishers find irresistible.
  • How to draft a superb first, second, and final draft without wasting countless hours in rewriting.

For both new and seasoned authors, Stairway to Earth provides the secret for mastering book development. The book is packed with tips and secrets to make the job go easier and quicker. And Birchard reveals story after story with insights from years of hands-on experience. For would-be authors who know they are destined to write a book, Stairway is the indispensible guide.

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Info for book reviewers: Stairway to Earth: How to Write a Serious Book, published October 2011 by Birchard Books (Amherst, New Hampshire). ISBN 978-0-9835381-0-3. 140 pages, 6 X 9, self-help/writing/publishing, $14.95. For a FAQ about the book, click here. To download the cover image, click here. To download images of Bill Birchard, click here.


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